Boabom EU

Here are some of the branches in boabom arts:

SEAMM-JASANI: (Gentle Boabom) The Art of Active Relaxation,
Meditation in movement

Seamm-Jasani is an Art of active relaxation, self healing and meditation in movement that is characterized by the use of slow & fluid coordinations in union with different breathing techniques (breathing expansion; dbugs ring du gtong ba/དབུགས་རིང་དུ་གཏོང་བ།[tib.], Pranayama [sans.]). It’s also called “the art of eternal youth” as its practice increases health, vitality, longevity, bring both mental and physical into balance and revitalize all. The movements are graceful, simple and expressive while using conscious imagination To bring positivity to our lives.

BOABOM: The Art of Internal Defense (Osseous Boabom)

Osseous Boabom is an Art of defense. It develops self-control & confidence, balance, speed & cardio, fast reactions & precise reflexes, flexibility, spontaneity, breathing and sound (method to control and sync your body and mind), focus & concentration, and cultivate internal physical and psychic energy. This extraordinary system of defense can be describes as an improvised dance which forms “waves” of energy, and at the same time awaken self-confidence and inner force (Mahaprana in Sanskrit).

Everything is taught in a progressive way as a chain where each movements is linked to the previous, forming an infinite techniques. Simultaneously, its name translates as “Internal Defense” (nang-srung/ནང་སྲུང།[tib.])

Boabom is very Dynamic and fast but distinguished strongly from what is known as martial arts, as its a non contact art, Because of this, Boabom is also known as: “The Art of Non-Defense”.

There is no aggression, nor competition, its a very respectful for the body and the mind. Teaching us to be positive, strong and humble at the same time. In summary, Boabom increases and awakens energy or inner strength and health  (Prana [sans.], pr’a-Na/པྲ་ན་[tib.]).

YAANBAO “THE ART OF THE ELEMENTS” (Boabom with Elements)

Yaanbao is a branch of Boabom, an Art of exercise and defense with different elements (lag cha/ལག་ཆ།[tib]): medium, long and short staffs, swords, etc. Each element is studied in cycles, to master it and to improve balance, strength and reflexes using the elements as an extension of the body. The energy we project is far beyond what we see. Yaanbao also prepares the student to defense himself with bare hands against another student using various elements.

Its an excellent art to improve the body position, flexibility and greatly helps the healing of hand and arm injuries.

JASSU “The Yoga Art of Boabom”
Jass-U is a system in Boabom arts; a system like Active Yoga from Ancient Tibet where we move the body through different exercises to Strengthen the body in different parts and muscular groups, extend the body to improve flexibility, and balance. its different than passive yoga or static poses. Its a combination of movement relaxation and awareness. 

Its a complete system to worm up the body, make us ready to go on to the next part of the class, where we combine different techniques, coordination, movements, all with emphasis on the different breathing techniques, controlling and coordinating it, hence bring us more oxygen, energy, power and relaxation.

When the body is worm enough we reduce the chance of injuries for muscles, or over stretching,  Therefore its important always to do  good Jass-U. 

Jassu start in the beginning of every class, although it can be taught as a separate independent Art of its own.

Each art has its own related Jass-U. It can be short, long or independent. Semm-jasani has soft and gentle jassu, long movements and deep breathing. Boabom has more dynamic and stronger jassu, and Yaanbao jassu connect us to the elements we are using.

Like in Yoga the Jassu bring our mind and body to equilibrium and unity, make us stronger and flexible.

Boabom Arts


The art of Internal defense (Osseous Boabom), Very Dynamic and fast art, using spontaneous reflexes. Boabom increases and awakens energy or inner strength and health



{Gentle Boabom} The art of Active Meditation, Relaxation and Self Healing. known as “the art of eternal youth”


The art of elements, through exercises and defense with different elements: medium, long and short staffs, using them as an extension of the body.



Boabom contains its own  techniques of meditation, Combining breathing, sound, visualization and imagination.To develop mindfulness, awareness and positive energy.