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More than 10,000 years ago in the ancient Himalayan Mountains, an ancestral civilization committed itself to the study and development of the Science and Art for Boabom, Eternal Youth, self healing, and defense.

You can enjoy some books and understand a bit about it. 


The Secret Art of Seamm Jasani: 58 Movements for Eternal Youth from Ancient Tibet by Asanaro (A practical course through reading) 

teaches us how to look and feel younger, to increase health and find inner peace, calm, and relaxation. 

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The Secret Art of Boabom: Awakening the Inner Power through the Art of Defense-Meditation from Ancient Tibet By Asanaro (A practical course  through reading)

Boabom is a form of martial arts that focuses on speed and agility, It can be used in combat, but its principal aim is to help its practitioners attain an optimal state of energy, health, confidence, and vitality. Like yoga, Boabom develops self-awareness, discipline, respect, and humility. Asanaro explains its philosophy, describes its movements and their benefits. Each new movement he teaches is based on the previous one, ensuring that psychological understanding goes with the physical evolution. Comments from “Library Journal” – USA.

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Bamso, The Art of Dreams: Diary of an Apprentice in the Art of Developing Consciousness in Astral Travels By Asanaro

The consciousness in dreams, self-discovery, and Astral Travels.  the author describes as a metaphorical autobiography, a log of his experiences and teachings on the power of mind and its conscious projection into the world of dreams.

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The legend of the Mmulmmat: Tales of the ‘Valley of the Warm Breeze’
A lost world in the legendary mountains of Tibet By Asanaro

A true, mystical adventure that will take you to a lost world in the legendary mountains of Tibet, millenia before the Buddha.
Those who have heard of Shambhala or Shangri-La will discover that The Legend of the Mmulmmat shatters the traditional idea, from Vedic and Buddhist mythology, which speaks of the Valley of the Gods or of Eternal Youth as an idyllic place outside of the real world.
The Legend of the Mmulmat is a book full of adventures, philosophy, and teachings, and it is also part of the line of stories which follow Bamso, the Art of Dreams.


Recycling with the mind: The art of meditation By Asanaro

We are all meditating, in different forms, but the act of meditating is always present , normal and natural,  unconsciously or by being aware and focus.  like any action we can improve and achieve better results to relax, and release tension and just feel happy with what and how we are. in this book Asanaro teaches some easy techniques and fundamental practices to train ourselves in the meditation state of mind.


In general The books also available in other languages: Spanish, French, Russian, Polish, Bulgarian and Chinese

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