Private kids class

Private kids class

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Special Boabom Program for Kids

This Private class is intended for kids ages 5-8 (*kids over 8 years can join adult classes) 

Its perfect for kids who need private class, or need special care 

with more personalise attention or would like to advance personally rather than in a group.

The kid will explore gradually the art and feel the connection.

Breathing, Meditation methods and relaxation techniques,

Developing balance , strength , discipline all in a very joyful way.

Role Playing games, laugh, use their imagination and have fun.

Trough this program the kids will get more confidence emotionally and physicaly.

This class can be solely for kids or together with their parents where they play, communicate, improve connection and deep relationship through the practice.

Its a nice program where kids and parents can carry on practicing together until the next class.

Each class they learn more techniques to control their body and mind.

Through practice they advance themselves,  making them ready to move on to the next stages of the art.

 30-40 minutes class.