Boabom EU

We offer regular Seminars / Retreats in Boabom & Seamm-jasani

The programs varies and usually based on the books “The Secret Art Seamm-Jasani” and “The Secret Art of Boabom” That will give you a glimpse of what its all about; there  you can experience and feel the energy of this unique special ancient art.

After the seminar you will have enough knowledge to carry on self practicing and of course it will open the door to an advance learning in regular classes or seminars.

We offer Seminars, Special Retreats, Daily retreat or classes anywhere in Europe and worldwide. Meditation, Seamm-jasani, Boabom for first time participants or for advanced students.

If you would like to propose a seminar in your area, co-operation or any other info please contact me. 

I’m always happy to hear from you, and meanwhile you can always enjoy our regular or online classes. 

Great energies to you..


The art of Internal defense (Osseous Boabom), Very Dynamic and fast art, using spontaneous reflexes. Boabom increases and awakens energy or inner strength and health



{Gentle Boabom} The art of Active Meditation, Relaxation and Self Healing. known as “the art of eternal youth”


The art of elements, through exercises and defense with different elements: medium, long and short staffs, using them as an extension of the body.



Boabom contain their own techniques of meditation, Combine breathing, sound, visualization and imagination. Develop mindfulness, awareness and positive energy.