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Welcome to Boabom Europe! 

Hello, I’m happy you dropped by. My name is Lilam (Lil-Am)

I am one of the worldwide teachers in the boabom community. Specializing in teaching and transmitting the Arts of Boabom: An ancient art whose origins go back to pre-Buddhist Tibet. A system of movements, relaxation, meditation, breathing, inner-healing and Self-defense.

There is no competition nor aggression in these arts, suitable for anyone of any age, and it’s my privilege to share this life changing art with you. 

Although it comes from an ancient era Boabom today is completely independent in operation and available for every country and culture: following the origins of the pedagogy to preserve the art.

Regular classes run in Spain; as well short to long seminars or events anywhere in Europe/Worldwide.

You can contact me for more info or any other question about classes, seminars and events. 

Due to the situation worldwide I offer Special Online classes 

Get in touch!

  • +972 546862086
  • +34 697680918
  • Spain
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