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Meditation runs through all the branches of Boabom, because every movement is by itself meditation; as well as a separate technique in the Boabom Arts. It uses a variety of seated or laying down positions.

There are different forms of meditation, but the act of meditating is always present, consciously or unconsciously , by any action , reaction and the creation of our own reality.

Its a constant conscious dialog between mind and body (sgom pa/སྒོམ་པ།[tib.]).

Like any action Meditation develops mindfulness, to quiet and focus our mind, improve balance and relaxation, attract positive energy into our life , reduce stress, bring harmony to connect to our inner-self and be happy with what and how we are.

Practicing meditation as a state of mind brings us clarity, awareness to the present moment, less worry or concern and enjoy the luck and abundance we all have.

Online/Regular Meditation

Boabom contain their own techniques of meditation, Combine breathing, sound, visualization and imagination. Practicing different techniques to attain full awareness with the present moment and completely relax and let go of the outside world.

The Meditation is open to everyone.

DANA would be appreciated and welcome. 

Dana is the practice of giving from the heart, generosity in return.


1 Hour guided Boabom meditation 


Dana 5€

The price is shown for Example

But you can give as much as your heart wishes                     

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